Interview with One Light Town

TMM: What's the story behind One Light Town? How did it all begin?


Greg: I met Owen down at College Station and we started the first version of One Light Town.

We did some open mic shows and played our songs or covers acoustically.


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Owen:  Greg and I had almost all of the same influences and same ideas about music.

It was kinda scary, we were really on the same page on almost everything.


Greg: I already knew Brandon from high school and he was in a rock band at College Station.

Owen and I had already been playing together for about a year when the other guys joined us to form One Light Town.

We came up with the name because we all come from small, one light towns.


TMM: What are some of your musical influences?



Owen: We all have a lot of different musical influences, Brandon (lead guitar) would be some of the '80's metal hair bands like Poison, Cory (bass player) likes punk music. Other influences would be Cosmic Cowboys, Uncle Tupelo, Whiskeytown, Waylon Jennings. Real music lovers have a taste for a little bit of everything. That is how it is for most people who are into Texas music.


TMM: You have a CD out, did you write all of the songs?


Greg:  We write all of our songs. Music will hit you anytime, anywhere. Usually a chord or melody will come to mind while playing around with the guitar and then we'll just put words to it. Most of the best songs I've written, I wrote in less than 30 minutes. If you really try to hard to write a song, it just doesn't seem to work out. Hank Williams said that "If you can't write a song in 10 minutes it ain't worth writing."


Owen:  You really have to get into a zone for writing songs. Once your in the zone, there's nothing stopping you. It just starts to flow. It doesn't matter if your in a noisy place or a quiet one when it happens. I try and stop and write down the words when they come into my head.


TMM: Where do you want to go musically with the band?


Owen: I definitely want to make a living at it, but I don't want to sacrifice our music to do it! We want to be respected as a band for as long as we do it. It's cool though, Pat and Cross Canadian Ragweed have signed with some major labels and they (record label) are letting them do their music their way! That's what we want if we ever get a big label deal.


TMM: How do you feel about country music and where it is going?


Greg:  The Outlaws brand of music has been missing from country music for a long time. You can be influenced by all kinds of music, but you need to keep the integrity of country music. We're all from the country, living in small towns. We're all about dirt roads and sitting in the truck with some beer listening to everything from Steve Earl to AC/DC. That's country to us and its a part of our music. If your going play good music, you've got to eat it, breath it and sleep it.


TMM: How long have ya'll been interested in making music?


Greg: I got my first guitar around eighth grade. I put it up for awhile but while in high school I started playing again. When I first went to A&M I was introduced to Robert Earl Keen and I felt like I could do this too and not have to be like anyone else.


Owen: I am happier now than I have ever been. Several years ago, a young lady had left me and I found that playing the guitar and working on my music was good therapy. It gave me something to do and get my mind off of her. I found myself getting lost in the music. Now that we have this band, I just couldn't be any happier being up on that stage playing our music. Brandon's been playing guitar forever it seems and spent a few years at a school of music that had a really good program. He has really grown as a guitar player and it shows in his playing. Cory was kind of a punk rocker and Matt's been playing the drums for about three years.


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